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Discover Our Yoga Maestros: A Closer Look at Our Teachers and Instructors

Andleeb Wanee
Yoga instructor
Hanane Badaoui
Yoga instructor
Katerina Nicola
Yoga instructor
Mariam Wael
Yoga instructor
Nadya Barkhanova
Yoga instructor
Olga Borovska
Yoga instructor
Rita Daher
Belly Dance
Sheetal Tewari
Yoga instructor
Vanessa Benitez
Yoga instructor
Elena Sakhanova
Yoga Instructor

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Our benefits

Unlock Your Potential with our Yoga instructors

A Journey to Wellness and Self-Discovery

Stress Relief Mastery

Say goodbye to the tensions of the day as our yoga practices provide a sanctuary for stress relief.

Inner Strength Building

Discover the power within as our classes focus on building not just physical strength, but also resilience of the mind.

Flexibility Unleashed

Our expertly crafted sequences enhance flexibility, promoting a supple body and a more agile, graceful you.

Emotional Well-Being Elevation

Yoga is a journey inward, and along the way, you'll find a heightened awareness of your emotions.

Mind-Body Harmony

Our holistic approach to yoga emphasizes the intimate connection between the mind and body.

Community Connection

Beyond the physical and mental benefits, Maya Blu is a vibrant community where like-minded individuals come togethe

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a diverse range of yoga classes, including the popular Aerial Yoga, which not only enhances flexibility and strengthens muscles but leaves students feeling happy and uplifted. Additionally, we feature Belly Dance classes with the fantastic instructor Rita. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of harmony, beauty, and tranquility, where our caring teachers guide you gently into the world of yoga practice.

This practice aims at deep relaxation, bridging the gap between wakefulness and sleep for physical and mental rejuvenation. Our studio provides a distinctive touch with a unique hammock, ensuring a secure and profound relaxation.

Aerial Yoga combines yoga, pilates, and elements of fitness using hammocks for airborne asanas, enhancing body flexibility, strength, and balance.